Get excited about art! 
Let Sarah Host an Illustration Workshop for Your Group!

Seeing your own artwork come to life is exciting enough.  Seeing others get excited about art is even more fun!  That's what Sarah thinks, at least. 

Sarah has been delighted to have had the opportunity to share her love of illustration with audiences of all ages.  She has spoken with schoolchildren and teachers during summer reading programs.  The kids love to see her original illustration paintings and props.  Her presentations are interactive.

Here we see Sarah chatting with an attendee of the annual Book Festival at Bedford Central Library.  Following her workshop, Sarah autographed copies of her books, which were available at the festival.

Sarah can tailor her presentation according to the age/s of the audience.  She believes in using a "plain English" approach and is careful to explain the art/illustration field in terms that anyone can understand. 

A typical Sarah Meadows Illustration Workshop runs approx. one hour and  includes:

Samples of original illustrations
Props such as art supplies and tools for the audience to handle and/or try out
Sarah tells how she got her start in art (from childhood up through the present)
Sarah explains who have influenced her the most in her line of work (the Marguerite Henry story).
Sarah explains the stages of illustration, which are further detailed in her newest book, Creativity Unleashed. (Which she will offer for sale at the event)
Interactive audience participation including demonstrations.
A Q&A session
Plus much more!
Sarah will also be available to sign autographs afterward!

You will learn all about the trials and tribulations of being an illustrator!
You will come away from the workshop feeling energized and need not be a master artist to enjoy illustration!!


If you are interested in having Sarah host an illustration workshop for your school, library, or other organization, or would like more information, please contact her at